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The origins


The origins of Salumificio Verza date back to the early 1900s, when legendary grandfather Antonio, known as “Verza”, used to butcher cattle and pigs bred in the valley.

This ancestor would preserve the meat in a cave filled with the snow and ice that he himself would collect on his cart from up on the Fiorentini highlands. Then using this same means of transport, he would travel around the nearby villages selling his products to his customers.

The founder


Following this family tradition in the butcher’s trade which began in Velo d’Astico, in 1968 the young Antonio Toniolo founded Salumificio Verza, adopting his family’s nickname for the company.


Verza Salumi today


Today Verza Salumi is a business reality, resulting from a well-known brand, and in all these years it has known how to maintain the same passion, tradition and quality of its cured meat products thanks to a careful selection of the meat, the use of natural casings, herbs, natural spices and, above all, a slow maturing technique.
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1968 -2018

Maintaining traditional production methods and handing down this tradition has been and continues to be a great challenge: despite the strong competition that calls for market strategies with a downward pressure on prices, we, in contrast, have always chosen a different path, focusing on quality and the guarantees that we can offer to consumers.

- Andrea Toniolo -